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AmsEdi is a young trading company and specialise in Apple HomeKit products. AmsEdi aims to make your life easier, more comfortable, safer, cheaper and greener. This can be accomplished by using smart home-automation products in your home. We specialise in home-automation products which is also know as Domotica.

Domotica is a combinations of the Latin word Domus (home) and the suffix -tica. A definition of Domotica is the integration of technologies and services to improve the quality of living and life.

About Us

We are a young and enthusiastic team and nuts about Domotica and Smart Homes automation. And everyone who works for us is also a fanatic Apple user, from AppleTV, MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, HomePod, iCloud and AppleWatch we use it all.

When Apple introduced the new HomeKit standard back in 2014 we saw great opportunity in this new platform. Today more and more HomeKit products are coming to market. These products make our lives more pleasant, cheaper, funnier, safer, greener and easier. We have more than 20 years ICT and sales experience. We aim to be the best and deliver world class customer service.

HomeKit Smart Homes.

Smart Homes are getting smarter each day. New HomeKit products are regularly launched to make your life more fun, easier, healthier, safer and greener. Your choice for HomeKit is a sensible choice from the point of safety and privacy. No other Smart Home platform as the HomeKit platform offers so much security for digital communication. This is also the best platform to protect your privacy.

What is Apple HomeKit?

Apple announced a new Domotica standard called HomeKit in June 2014. Big advantages are that all HomeKit products are compatible with other HomeKit certified products. Also different products can work together because they use a shared database. Individual statuses of each HomeKit product is stored in that database. This is also the reason why AmsEdi only focus on products that work with the Apple HomeKit standard. Apple developed a new standard which is great for consumers.

Security and Privacy, 2 strongest advantages of HomeKit.

For Apple security is of the highest importance. Communication between different HomeKit products and between HomeKit products and your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Apple Watch must be highly secure with strong unbreakable encryption. Each HomeKit product contains a unique digital signature and uses a very strong set of coded keys to encrypt communications. Besides the strong encryption each HomeKit product contains a by Apple developed WiFi and Bluetooth LE communication chip. This special for HomeKit developed communication chip makes HomeKit products so safe to use. All HomeKit products must be certified by Apple to carry the ‘Made For iDevice’ (MFi) and ‘Works with Apple HomeKit’ logos.

Advantages of Apple certified HomeKit products:

  • Safe unbreakable wireless communication between HomeKit products.
  • Simple operation using Apple’s Siri personal assistent.
  • HomeKit products work nicely together., create scènes so multiple HomeKit products work nice together.
  • You can divide your home in different rooms, floors or zones.
  • All can be operated by your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, HomePod, MacBook or Apple Watch.
  • Even if you are not home you can operate your HomeKit products. (AppleTV 4th generation or later or recent iPad required and setup as HomeHub)
  • Using ‘Find my iPhone’ you can completely delete your lost iPhone or iPad so nobody can mis-use your HomeKit products.
  • All HomeKit products are certified by Apple.
  • Check the status of all your HomeKit products.
  • Location triggers can be used for further automation.

Advantages of AmsEdi Trade Co. for HomeKit product manufactories.

  • Specialised in Apple HomeKit products.
  • Trusted reliable local partner.
  • Provide support in translation of user manuals to Dutch language.
  • Provide support in getting European CE certification.
  • Technical knowledge of all Apple HomeKit licensed products.
  • 20+ year automation experience.
  • Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction
  • Honest prices.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Excellent Personal customer service.
  • Looking for a Dutch or European distributor, we can help you.

Suggestion, remarks or questions to improve our services are always welcome.


Team AmsEdi



Last updated 20200828